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"Helping the Police and State Emergency Service locate missing persons in Tasmania"
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When someone is reported lost or overdue anywhere in Tasmania, volunteer search and rescue (SAR) dogs and their handlers are available to assist police and help in the search effort.

SAR dogs can find :

  • Hikers, climbers, fishermen, hunters or others lost in the bush.

  • Children lost in parks, on farms or hidden in shrubbery around houses.

  • Elderly people who have wandered away from homes and hospitals.

Did You Know?

  • SAR dogs can quickly eliminate large search areas, each one freeing up to fifty trained searchers to search in other areas.

  • SAR dogs and handlers can work at night while other searchers are making their way to the scene or regrouping.

  • SAR dogs can work in any weather conditions and almost any terrain including snow.

  • During searches, accredited SAR dogs are permitted in any of Tasmania's National Parks.

  • SAR Dogs of Tasmania is a strictly volunteer organisation ... there is no charge to any government agency, the missing person or their family.


Search and Rescue Dogs of Tasmania is a dedicated team of volunteer dog handlers and trained search and rescue dogs. Since 1999 our dogs and handlers have been assisting Tasmania Police and the State Emergency Service in searches for missing persons in rural and remote regions of Tasmania. Teams are equipped for all weather conditions and able to stay out for at least 48 hours if required.

Our SAR dogs are experienced travellers and can be moved into search areas by car, boat, light plane or helicopter. Some of our dogs and their handlers are also trained to be winched by helicopter into remote search areas.

We respond to searches only at the request of the Tasmania Police or State Emergency Service, generally within 20 minutes provided the dog handler is at home. We cannot respond to requests from families of missing people, or in circumstances involving criminal acts where the dog or handler may be put at risk.

Click here to download "Effective Use of Dogs in Search Management" (143Kb .PDF)

Meet the Team

Rachel is a six year old female German Shepherd with over four years of experience in search and rescue. She lives in Launceston with her handlers, Douglas and Lisa.

Molly (and Rod)

Molly is an Australian Cattle Dog and lives in Hobart with her handler, Rod.


Inca (and David)

Inca is a past member of the team. She used to live at Falmouth with her handler, David.


We proudly use Paddy Pallin equipment and thank the team for their support.



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